Implanted images

In September 2022 Valentina and I got our own office plant. We took pictures from all angles and tried to show our plant in all possible facettes.

Then time went by. Almost a year later we are working again with the exact same plant. Except the plant died throughout this time. We again took pictures from all possible angles and generated 3D-Objects out of them.
We created a world on our Ipad in which our plant is being presented dead and alive at the same time. The lively photographies interact with the dead objects in space and transmit an idea of how the plant`s life might have looked like. Thereby the question after the importance of our existance pops up since we are able to recreat our existence in a digital way and implant it in a virtual reality.

  • Software
    Photo Catch and Adobe Aero
  • Mentoring
    Kambiz Shaffei
  • Date
    Autumn semester 2022 and spring semester 2023
  • Context
    BA Module Photography I and VR Photography II with Kambiz Shaffei at HGK FHNW, IDCE
  • Luisa Viggiano, Valentina Bignasca