A drop of Light

Mia and me went experimental on this project. We wanted to visualize the words "A drop of light" with a beamer. Our goal was, that this projection would acutally really be what we were talking about - A drop of light.

So we took an Aquarium and tried to find the correct angle to project through water. This installation allows an interaction of the viewers and creates a calming experience.
We always had to adjust and find the right font for this project, since the "natural animation" could easily have heavy impacts on the image. It was a very interesting experiment to try out between digital type animation and natural water animation.

  • Software
    AfterEffects, PremierePro, Indesign
  • Mentoring
    Jinsu Ahn
  • Date
    Spring Semester 2023
  • Context
    BA Modul Typography II, with Jinsu Ahn at FHNW HGK IDCE
  • Luisa Viggiano, Mia Müller