Be your own Muse

Graffiti on Girls is out of date. Muse Graffiti stands for vision, courage, joy in experimentation, self confidence and respect for one self and others. Muse Graffiti wants a modern and diverse graffiti scene. This is a safe space for Flinta* and LGBTQIA*+ people to work on their graffiti skills and get to know each other.
The course consists of six classes which take place once a month. The lessons build on each other, are practical and provided with exercises which accompany you step by step to your own Urban Art Style. If typography, characters or Street Art, beginner or experienced - your personal goals, wishes and needs will be taken into account.
Therefore Muse Graffiti is not just a course but also a junction for LGBTQIA*+ and Flinta* people who share a communal passion for the urban arts and who are looking for an exclusive contact point for advice and questions about Graffiti and Street Art.