My personal Monster

Are you scared of your doctors appointment? Maybe our Monster generator in the waiting room can calm you down! It`s placed right in the corner on the drawing table next to all kinds of coulour pencils.

All you got to do is, you have to type in your name in the program on a laptop and woosh! You`ll get your monster waiting room ticket immediately!
The way your monster looks, what it`s name is and how it`s being described is randomly generated from our basil.js code. The colouring and drawing around is your part! Have fun!

  • Framework
  • Mentoring
    Thedore Davis
  • Date
    Spring Semester 2023
  • Context
    BA Modul Creative Coding II, with Thedore Davis at FHNW HGK IDCE
  • Luisa Viggiano, Anja Rothenbühler