Body Standarts and Social Media

The documentation "In-Shape" is discussing the topic of the female ideal on social media and the influence of social media voices on an individual.

We accompany the 36-year old Rita - a Sim Avatar - on her identity transformation with the help of real Instagram and TikTok Channel footage, you can find on the internet.
The social pressure people with bigger bodies have to endure because of such Video content and the reason why we have such beauty ideals for women and what they do to our mental health is being adressed in this video.
(Triggerwarning; Body Shaming, annorexia und verbal violence)

  • Software
    Premiere Pro, OBS Studio
  • Mentoring
    Bérénice Serra
  • Date
    Autumn Semester 2023
  • Kontext
    BA Modul Impuls Workshop 1, with Bérénice Serra at FHNW HGK IDCE
  • Luisa Viggiano